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Special ordering…..It’s not that scary!

March 28th, 2017

Here are the facts: The chances of walking into a furniture store and finding the perfect piece for you are very slim. You don’t have to “settle” for what is in stock.  Trust a professional to help you, take the time to figure out what you really want, have patience and make a purchase you will love for more than a few years!


Here are some tips to making special orders easy!


The most important tip is to work with a professional, special ordering is “what we do”!  We visit markets to see, touch, test and seek out the best value all for you!  We know how to fit you to upholstery pieces and we understand good versus bad scale and proportions in furniture.  Find someone you trust and let them guide you through the process.


Buy quality, especially in your large pieces like sofas, chairs, dining room and bedroom furniture. Small filler items like end tables are the one area that you can spend less.  The more “use” the item will get the more you should spend.

Some questions to ask for upholstery items:

Is the frame hardwood? Is it kiln dried? Is it screwed, glued, and double doweled? Fabric will wear out over time but a good frame will last.

There are also many different cushion choices. Everyone has different descriptions, but to make it simple, the more firm the cushion the longer it will hold its shape and the fabric will stay tight. Down and down blend cushions will show “comfort wrinkles” from the start and need more maintenance fluffing!  Make sure the cushion is always encased in a batting or ticking fabric.  Lower quality cushions are typically made from foam and are easily broken down by body heat. The more wrapped the cushion, the more protection from early deterioration.  There are detailed descriptions of all cushions available to you, just ask!



Avoid fabrics that are 100% linen if you want a wrinkle free look. Typically, a good blend such as polyester and cotton will wear well. Both are strong fibers.  Another important factor in choosing a good fabric is the weave. If you hold the fabric up to the light and see more than a pin dot between fibers, this is a “loose” weave and will not be durable!  If you are in need of something more heavy duty, ask about performance fabrics. They are fabrics that are more resistant to stains and fading to stand the test of life and children.


Dimensions and Scale!

If you walk into a furniture store and everything in it is “over-sized” you won’t notice until you get your piece home. Professionals are trained to understand scale. We recognize pieces that are out of proportion by not only looking at the item but also by knowing the right dimensions for furniture.   We can fit people to upholstery just by knowing the key dimensions.  We also understand that some items may have a pitch to the back that can affect how a sofa or chair will fit a person.  Something you can’t necessarily tell from a picture.


Special orders and returns-

We all know that when you special order an item it is being made “just for you” and cannot be returned. This is standard practice throughout the industry, whether a brick and mortar store or shopping online, so we understand the commitment can be a daunting proposition!


In a world where we strive to be different in all ways, why would you settle when you don’t have to?  At Davidson Designs we want the piece to be perfect just as much as you do and will work hard to ensure it!



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