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Resolutions for your HOME!

January 4th, 2018

If you have the common problem of taking down your decorations after the holidays and you don’t like your room anymore, you are not alone!

Most people suffer from PHDS, Post Holiday Decoration Syndrome…. Davidson Home Furnishings and Design is here to help!

There are numerous ways without spending a lot to make changes to your room to make it feel re-vitalized for the New Year!

Here are some tips for after the tree comes down!

Because your furniture has probably been rearranged to accommodate the tree, why not change it all up and rearrange the whole room. If possible move chairs, tables, accessories, and/or art work from other rooms to create an all new look!

While you are moving pieces around take a look at your artwork, does the frame need an update? A new style frame perfectly paired to your art can make a big statement.

Take a look at the details in your room, have you had the same items on the fireplace mantle? How long have you had the lamps? Is your rug looking worn? Make a decision to not put accessories back in the same place and see what happens! Would your old lamp look new with as different shade? Change the color and/ or shape, just be sure the proportion is right to the base.

If you have had a traditional rug in your room, maybe try something a bit more whimsical or maybe a tribal pattern could work with your look! Rugs are one of the easiest ways to refresh a space.

Is there a furniture piece that could use a face lift? Changing the hardware on a cabinet can be a simple fix, or how about a new color? It’s not a sin to paint wood, if something is looking “tired” a fresh paint color can turn it from drab to fab!

It might be the year the old sofa finds a new home or is reinvented with a new fabric. For the quick fix, introduce a new color scheme in toss pillows!

Don’t forget to think about your windows! If you have never tried drapery panels to frame and soften your windows, you might be amazed at what they add to your look.

If your Holiday Décor expands to all rooms does all of your bedroom furniture still match? For a new look, mix up the set by introducing an upholstered or iron bed or change the nightstands to something functional but unique. For a less expensive change, make it a winter weekend project and paint! Of course new bedding is always a safe bet to make it all feel new!

So if you have or know someone suffering from PHDS, remember Davidson Home Furnishings and Design is here to help! We offer consultations and have everything you need to start the new year! So come visit us today!

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