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Finding Comfort in Your Home

May 22nd, 2017

While reading a devotional not too long ago, a specific verse struck a chord with me . . . “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures” Proverbs 24:3-4.

Our homes should not just be a place to go when the work day is done, a place to eat and sleep, it is so much more than that! Our homes are our refuge – the safe place that when the chaos of the world has taken its toll, we can find comfort, peace, warmth, and beauty. It is a testament to who we are and what we hold dear to us. By creating a space that is inviting, and filling it with the things you love, your home can become the sanctuary you want it to be.

How often has clutter or the fact that a room has never really been “finished” disrupted that much needed ‘me’ time? We get distracted by very simple things, so acknowledging that creating and completing rooms in your home is important is one of the first steps! Set your goal for one room at a time and make it the space you have always wanted. It may take time, but be patient, stay focused, and get it done. You will not be sorry!

It is also important to carve out space for each person in your home. The obvious spaces like home offices or bedrooms are the places where you can express individuality apart from the flow of the rest of the home. Other places where you could create this separation are the spaces where you like to retreat to reflect on your day or read a good book. These are the places where you can surround yourself with the things that are important to you- but don’t forget to “edit” things in your home when you create these spaces. Clutter creates chaos – so evaluate the things you choose to place in a room. Some questions you can use to help you decide what really belongs are: Does it have meaning? Is it something you find beautiful? Or if it is something you bought on a whim – should it really take up valuable space?

When working with people on their homes I try to pay a lot of attention to the items that are “beautiful treasures”. These are things such as family pictures, sentimental items that were brought home from places you have traveled, or things that have been passed down from generation to generation. . . all of these things become the tapestry of your life. Finding ways to display them in your home and creating the spaces that remind you of what is important is critical to making a house a “HOME”.

When you go home today, pay attention to how you feel when you get there. Do you find comfort when you walk through the door, or do you find unfinished spaces and chaos? I’m not talking about the typical messy rooms from children’s toys or projects on the kitchen table. I am talking about the bigger picture once the toys and projects are all tucked away.

Find the comfort in your home; put it at the top of your list and make it the most important place in your life. One where you can find calm, beauty, and a sense of peace that your whole family will enjoy!

If this seems like too big of task and you need help accomplishing your goals, Davidson Home Furnishings and Designs is only a call away, we would love to help!

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