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Atlanta Market Trip Top Trends

September 1st, 2016

Working in a creative field means that there is a necessity to re-charge and fill up the well of ideas and inspiration often!  Our buying trips to the various international markets gives us that opportunity.

We connect, we share, we seek out the people, the products and the new ideas that we can bring back to translate into Montana design!  Atlanta offered a potpourri of trends that were all relevant to our current design projects: From organic to metallic there is a source for every style!

Noteworthy trends:

Hand loomed and hand crafted items from all over the world, pottery and textiles in wonderful un-defined shapes and organic textures and patterns that come from the blend of nature’s influence with man’s creativity!

Warm mixed metals thrown together to create a beautiful blend of color tones from warm gold to soft copper.  Accessories, lamps, furniture had subtle to bold accents of metals mixed with natural woods and other mediums to create incredibly unique designs.

Globally influenced patterns in colorful designs as well as bold black and white and blue and white motifs—from intricate to simple patterns on textiles, accessories, area rugs and more, tribal dominated the scene!

Glitter and glam could be found as well for the more formal design lovers, drapery panels, pillows, bedding as well as art all with a touch of shine to add just the right amount of sparkle.

Greens are back!  Maybe for some they never went away…succulents, palm fronds, that brilliant touch of green on a table top or to add life to a dark corner- brighten, lighten like a breath of fresh air!

We are excited to show you the perfect things we found just for YOU!

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