We're Proudly Celebrating Our 35th Anniversay

Our Interior Design Legacy

Our legacy

The legacy of Davidson Home Furnishings & Design begins with the passion, vision and heart of our founder, Patricia Davidson. Pat’s father, Erwin, was a home builder and president of the Billings Home Builders Association. As she watched homes go from concept to completion, she gained an understanding of design, project management and how a space comes together.

Pat always knew she would like to work in a creative field, so interior design seemed a natural fit given her background. After working for several interior design and furniture stores in Billings, she had gained a loyal following of friends and clients. After a great deal of consideration, she opened her own boutique design firm, Patricia Davidson Designs.

“There is no greater challenge or reward as building something based on creativity and determination fueled by the loyalty and relationships with those you work for!”

In 1992, Pat’s daughter Tiffany joined her on a full time basis. Working together, they were able to expand the store and its offerings and eventually changed the name to Davidson Home Furnishings & Design. By 2006 they were able to move to a new location twice the size of the old store and won the Montana Family Business of the Year that same year. The following year, the firm also won the SBA Family-Owned Small Business of the Year Award.

“Family IS our business, it has taken all of us to build this dream including all of the friends who have been a part of our Davidson team throughout the years.”

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